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Outstanding papers will be published in special issues of outstanding and internationally recognized journals. In the prevoius GIMAC conference (1-7) more than 200 papers were published in highly recognized international journals.We promise to keep our record and continue publishing at the same level for the 8th Global Islamic Marketing Conference. Our partner journals for GIMAC8 Turkey are: 

List of Participating Journals

International journal of Islamic marketing and branding  

International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies

International Journal of Arab Culture, Management and Sustainable Development 

Journal of Islamic entrepreneurship.   ISSN 2058-5012 (Arabic)

Al-mağallaẗ al-‘ālamiyyaẗ li-l-taswīq al-islāmī. ISSN 2225-5850  (Arabic)

Majallatul Edarah Wal Qiyadah Al-islamiah  ISSN 2058-637X