Friday November 24, 2017

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Participating Journals

About 70 papers from GIMAC7-Casablanca will be published.

80 papers from GIMAC6-Istanbul were published.

80 selected articles from GIMAC5- Kuala Lumpur were published. 

60 papers from GIMAC4-Istanbul were published. 

45 papers from GIMAC2-Abu Dhabi were published.

Our current and prevoius partner journals include: 

International journal of Islamic marketing and branding   

Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship 

International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Transnational Marketing Journal (TMJ)

Journal of Marketing Theory 

Management Research Review

International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies 

African Journal of Business and Economic Research 

International Journal of Arab Culture, Management and Sustainable Development 

Revue Internationale de Marketing Islamique (French - New) 

Journal of Islamic entrepreneurship. ISSN 2058-5012 (Arabic)

Al-mağallaẗ al-‘ālamiyyaẗ li-l-taswīq al-islāmī. ISSN 2225-5850  (Arabic)

Journal of Islamic Management and Leadership. ISSN 2058-637X  (Arabic)