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Awards 2013 


GIMAC4, Istanbul

Excellence Awards in Islamic Marketing

(See evaluation criteria below)


2013 Awards' Evaluation Committee


  Dr. Aktham Magayrah, United Arab Emirates University.   Dr. Ozlem Sandikci, Bilkent University. Turkey
  Dr. Riyad Eid, United Arab Emirates University. UAE   Dr. Aisha Boulanwar, Om Alqura University. Mecca, Saudia Arabia.
  Dr. Mumin Dayan, United Arab Emirates University. UAE   Ronald Doherty, International Islamic Marketing Association. Ireland




Title of Paper

4000 USD
First best paper award – Split Factors Affecting Halal Purchase Intentions – Evidence From Pakistan’s Halal Food Sector أهمية تطبيق مفهوم التسويق المصرفي الإسلامي في المصارف الإسلامية من وجهة نظر العملاء
  Dr. Hayat M. Awan and Ahmad Nabeel Siddiquei
  Murad Sherif and Tahir Bin Yacoub
3000 USD
Second best paper award- Split أهمية الإبداع والابتكار في المنتجات المصرفية في إكساب المصارف ميزة   تنافسيةGovernment Support,   Consumer Patriotism, Family and Intention    as considerable antecedents to Actual Purchase of Domestic Products:   Brand Evidence From Islamic Country -Yemen
  Naili Ilham
  Jamal Mohammed Al-Ekam& Nik Kamariah Nik
1500 USD
Third best paper award - Split إشكالية العلاقة بين القيم الاسلامية وثقافة الاستهلاك المادي: دراسة   استطلاعيةExploring a consumption   value model for Islamic mobile banking adoption
  Mirdawi Kamal and Belhaj Tariq
  Kim-Shyan Fam
1000 USD
First best student award Entrepreneurship, Values   And Muslim Values: Some Insights From Minangkabau Entrepreneurs
  Donard Games
500 USD
Second best student paper award
 سلوك المقاول المسلم و دوره في تحقيق المسؤولية الاجتماعية: دراسة حالة مجموعة من المقاولين الجزائريين
  Arabash Zaina
500 USD
Best research team  
  Saliha Maqawsi  
  Hind Jamouni  
  Aisha Shebela  


Reviewer Name:

Article Title:

Evaluation Criteria
Practical applications - are implications for practitioners clearly drawn out?          
Research applications - does the article suggest areas for further research?          
Clarity and readability - is attention paid to clarity of expression and readability?
Points to note; sentence structure, jargon, acronyms.
Originality - does it add to the subject area / body of knowledge in any way?          
Analytical rigour - does the article demonstrate soundness in the way in which it has been researched and/or argued?          
Internationality - will the article be of interest to an international audience?          
Please specify any other revision criteria or notes.